About Us

The folks at Deer Forest are dedicated to making your stay at the park a safe, pleasant, and fun experience.  In addition, we are constantly striving to make your visit even more enjoyable in the future.

Deer Forest is licensed by the U.S.D.A.  A licensed veterinarian is on call, and animal handlers are present at all times.  Sinks with antibacterial soap are situated in the Rest Rooms and Gift Shop.  We recommend that you and your children wash your hands thoroughly with soap & water after touching or feeding the animals.  Antibacterial Purel is also available for your use. 

The folks at Deer Forest are excited to be given the opportunity to serve you and the community of Coloma, and we need your help to keep the legacy of Deer Forest alive.  One way you can help keep Deer Forest going is by recommending the park to a friend or neighbor.  Another way is by volunteering your time and service in the "Friends of Deer Forest" program.

If you have any comments about your experiences this year, please express these to our manager, Maria Modica.  Maria and the whole staff are doing everything they can to make Deer Forest a better place for everyone.

   Feel free to email us your comments at deerforestpark@aol.com.  Or, write us at the address below.

 Thank you once again for supporting Deer Forest. 

Deer Forest Fun Park
6800 Indian Lane
Coloma, MI 49038
(269) 468-4961

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